ISD 318 Superintendent Search

Hello, this is Sean Martinson Principal at Murphy elementary school writing with an update from the ISD 318 school board.

The ISD 318’s School Board would like to gather input from all staff, parents and community members to assist in the search for the new Superintendent. A Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) representative will visit each building to meet with staff and meet with each school’s community.

They have had to revise their meeting schedule due to weather related school closures.

The scheduled date for MSBA to visit staff and community members at Murphy Elementary School is Tuesday, February 5th. Staff meet at 3:30pm and community members meet at 6:30pm.

Please feel free to participate in a session and take this opportunity to provide vital feedback to the School Board.

Please call Sandy Gundlach (MSBA) at 800-324-4459, ext. 128, if you have any questions.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this message.

Thank you!

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