Murphy Elementary 3rd and 4th Grade Music Program

A reminder that the 3rd and 4th grade music program will be held this Tuesday, December 15th at 1:30 in the Greenway High School Auditorium in Coleraine.  The Reif Center is still under construction so please note the correct location.

Also, parking will be bad.  You may want to carpool as much as possible. There will be the normal school parking plus there is a wrestling tournament during the day.  In addition, the main street in front of the school will be closed due to the city tearing down a building.  So again, carpool if possible and be prepared to park a distance away.

Allow extra time for finding parking and walking to the theater.

The best access for elderly or disabled is the west (Kerr Ave) entrance which is close to the elevator and bypasses any stairs.

Thank you and have a great night!

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